KW18 Bluetooth Smart Watch

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is the heart rate/Blood Pressure/Blood Oxygen Monitor accurate?Why I measured an object can still get a value?Is it fake? It is the phenomenon that all smart watches will have.All measurements depend on sensors and algorithms and have certain errors. Smart watches measure heart rate mainly through photosensitive sensors, which receive light reflected from the arm skin and convert it into heart rate through algorithms. So is iwatch, huawei watch and xiao mi band.

2.Can heart disease patients use its measured value as a reference? We do not recommend.Because at present, the measured value of watches on the market cannot reach the medical standard, and can only be used as a daily health reference, not as a medical reference.

3. What is the APP It's Fundo wear 4.How to change the time of my device? Please synchronize the device with your phone through bluetooth to calibrate time. 5.Is it waterproof?Can I wear it to take a shower or swim? It is not waterproof